Sunday, 21 July 2013

My last uni assignment "Priscilla Queen of the Desert"

 This is my end result with my lovely hubby who had agreed (maybe foolishly) to be my model

 Needed to have a fiddle round with the many ostrich feathers in headdress, after all this was my first attempt at millinery! 

 Close up of cupie dolls attached to skirt and also has one on hat.

 Huge feather bustle with over 60 feathers in

This is the original Priscilla Queen of the Desert which I decided to interpretate my costume on.
After completing this assignment my first year at uni is complete with 5 distinctions, thats one for each assignment set. Considering I have been out of education for over 30 years I feel quite proud of myself, so more hard work to follow over next  years.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

These were great, fab sports for doing this on the catwalk, glad I was in charge of the spotlights that night so I could see it !